In modern world, life has become very hectic & stressful. Whether you are single or married woman, demands & expectation management have been a huge task for majority of women.  Sometimes we feel that we need to have some space of our own so that we could explore & enjoy life in our own way.

This blog talks about the options that you can navigate in your own territory. Travel, Food & Music are the major sources of attraction of this blog. Hope you enjoy my Blog!

Thank You.

Chitrita B


Impact on my Life working with NASSCOM Foundation

My passion has driven me to engage myself in social causes & I feel really thankful that I got the opportunity to work with one of the prominent philanthropic foundations NASSCOM Foundation. Apart from my job, I had always been working as volunteer with several small NGOs. But, my association with NASSCOM Foundation for past 2 years has given a new dimension to my life.


How the travel will be post pandemic?

There are certain turning points amidst this chaos that will shape tourism in a distinct way & new health safety protocols and systems will come into picture.


Sometimes it’s a Bliss to Be In Quarantine Mode 😉

Definitely, I do have to hold back my itchy feet for time being & I do feel sad about it. But in this quarantine period, you can spend some quality time with yourself. 


Call Of The Misty Mountains In Coorg

It was in the mid of monsoon season when I arrived South-west of Katnataka, cradled in the Western Ghats, popularly known as Coorg. The weather seems perfect here, as this is the only time of the year when you can soothe your eyes in the greenery of coffee plantations and get lost in the woods of unknown hinterland. 


A Romantic Full Moon Night In Pondicherry

The shimmer of the gleaming moon light on the bed of the night sea gives a picturesque beauty to the night sky. Two hours just flew away by sitting at the beach but I couldn’t take my eyes off the spectacular view.


Sweet Reminiscence Of Kolkata

The dazzling golden wall and the picturesque glasses give a grand decor to the interior. The night view of Marriott glows along with the splendid fountain at the entrance.


In Love With Thai Cuisine Lately

The main reason for me to fall in love with Thai food is specifically the simplicity of wide range of spread this cuisine has. The meticulous juggling of the variety of herbs and spices makes the Thai food to carry five basic flavors: spicy, sour,sweet, salty & bitter which makes the dishes alive.


Inspiration For Solo Traveler

How much ever you have traveled, before the start of the journey your heart pounds. It’s the very common nature of human being to be in the comfort zone & try to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Definitely, it’s not a crime to get worried. 


Visit To Ashram During Mahashivaratri

I happen to visit Sadguru Ashram on the eve of Mahashivaratri. Ashram is located in the outskirts of Coimbatore. Situated in the midst of the forest at the foothill of Velliangiri; the serene, quiet place automatically transforms your mind & make you feel calm from inside.


Know-how of Music Genres to Stay Musically Connected

Music genre usually represents musical form or musical style.

The musical variations are the factors which arouses interest for different types of music


Street Food Of Kolkata that you shouldn’t miss…

Kolkata has been recently nominated as the best food street hub by “Taste Of Travel” reported by Times Of India. The survey was conducted among the Indian travelers.


Trip To Puri,Orissa

While waiting for the sunrise early in the morning, the best part is when you see a part of Red Sun from the back of the clouds emerging from beneath the sea. Sipping a cup of tea and eagerly watching when the first Ray of Light will hit the earth and make the sea water shimmer.


Music for Solo Traveler

Few years back the number of women solo travelers was very less. But in the recent times, the search in google for solo travelling has increased. Solo travelling lets you to find out your own inner self, gives wings to your thoughts by exploring the outer world & the most important of all is getting freedom to enjoy in your own way forgetting the regular mundane life.


Durga Puja In City Of Joy

Kolkata is in the most lively state during the time of Durga Puja. One can get the pulse of the city only when you see the rush of people to get a glance of idol of magnanimous Durga in the pandal. The festival is a ten day event starting with Mahalaya ushering the arrival of Ma Durga.


Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

Lot of women are afraid to travel alone thinking of their safety. Don’t let your fear steal away this wonderful experience in your life. Whether you are single or married or divorced, try the option of exploring alone following the given safety measures.


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Hi! I am Chitrita. I am a marketing professional. Passion for travel, avid foodie with taste of music urged me to initiate blogging. I like to understand the culture of different places, meet unknown people & enjoy life in a carefree way.