Durga Puja In City Of Joy

Kolkata is in the most lively state during the time of Durga Puja. One can get the pulse of the city only when you see the rush of people to get a glance of idol of magnanimous Durga in the pandal. The festival is a ten day event starting with Mahalaya ushering the arrival of Ma Durga.

The beautifully handcrafted Durga idol & the craftsmanship of the pandals drag people from different parts of the world. Crores of rupees are spent to construct the pandals & preparation of the festival commences six months prior to the festival. The variety of lighting  gives a feeling that the whole city is bathed in lights.

Top 15 Durga Puja pandals

  • Bagbazar
  • College Square
  • Jodhpur Park
  • Kumartuli
  • Suruchi Sangha
  • Mohammed Ali park
  • Ekdalia Evergreen Club
  • Santosh Mitra Square
  • Hindustan Park
  • Ballygunge Cultural Association
  • Ahiritola Sarbojonin Utshob
  • Deasapriya Park
  • Babu Bagan Sarbojonin Club
  • Mudiali Club
  • Dum Dum Park, Tarun Sangha

Rituals Of Durga Puja

If you are planning to barge in Kolkata during the time of Durga Puja, then plan for the stay from Shasti ( sixth day) to Dashami (tenth day).

  • Arrival Of Goddess Durga along with her children namely; Ganesha, Karthik, Saraswati & Lakshmi take place on Shasti.
  • On Saptami, early in the morning, a small banana plant Kola Bou dressed in Red Sari is taken to river for bath. Then placed near idol of Durga. The whole day is then followed by puja & prayers.
  • Ashtami is considered very auspicious day in Durga Puja. All Bengali men & women wearing new clothes come for Pushpanjali (prayer) in front of the idol.
  • Dashami is the day of Visharjan (immersion) of the idol. Ladies dressed in White sarrees with red border offer sweets to Goddess before the departure of immersion.

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