Trip To Puri,Orissa

Famously known for the Jagannath Temple & the beach, Puri is a wonderful pilgrimage destination. Last time I had been in Puri I was only 6 years old and hardly could recollect any memories. I was so excited about being here that I soaked in everything in my surrounding with the wonder of a child in fairyland. I came back this time to collect the bits and pieces of my early childhood memories here.

My stay was just opposite to the sea shore. I wanted a view of sunrise from the window of my hotel room. While waiting for the sunrise early in the morning, the best part is when you see a part of Red Sun from the back of the clouds emerging from beneath the sea. Sipping a cup of tea and eagerly watching when the first Ray of Light will hit the earth and make the sea water shimmer.

I can spend all day long watching the view of the beach & listen to the roars of the sea waves. But considering limited time span, I can’t miss the opportunity of exploring major attractions of Puri.

In between, let me tell you one secret of this place. If you are planning to visit to Puri anytime soon, don’t forget to taste the famous sweet “goja” over there! If you haven’t tasted, please do taste, it’s yummy, juicy, crispy texture will keep you delighted during your snack time break.

Glimpse of Places of Attractions:

  • Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple of Puri is one of the most important pilgrimage destination. Situated on the eastern coast of India, this Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple was constructed by the Ganga dynasty in the 12th century CE.

The Puri Temple is famous for its Annual Ratha Yatra festival when three deities Jagannath, Balaram & Shubhadra are pulled on huge and elaborately decorated temple cars.

  • Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple,also famously known as “Back Pagoda” has a very controversial story and has been declared as UNESCO world heritage site. Dedicated to Lord Sun (Surya), the temple has eight wheels sculptured on the walls depicting the arrival of Sun on a eight wheeled chariot. The entire temple has lot of fine artwork, iconography & themes.

  • Buddha Temple

The temple is a few kilometers away from Puri. There are amazing statues of Buddha inside the temple & all are sculptures on either marble or stone. In the evening, there was a lazer show of the famous Kalinga Battle fought by Samrat Ashoka. The show depicts how the suffering and bloodshed during the ghastly war prompted Ashoka to choose the path of Buddhism.

  • Udaygiri & Khandagiri

Udaygiri & Khandagiri are both mountains situated opposite to each other. The caves, built during 2nd century BC, situated on the hills have archaeological & historical significance. The caves were carved out as residential blocks of Jaina monks during the reign of King Kharavela.

In the evening, this is how the beach looks like. Be it the maddening crowd of people or the glowing procession, you can feel the liveliness of the place till midnight. Everyone is busy having food in stalls or enjoying the drums of the parade or relaxing next to the beach. But sea-waves never stop roaring while crashing on the shore & makes a mark of it’s presence surpassing the hustle bustle of the street.

When the journey was about to end, I was not in a mood to return. But best part is I could re-connect with my lost childhood memories which I can preserve as a precious asset. Never know, I might revisit the place 🙂

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