Street Food Of Kolkata that you shouldn’t miss…

Kolkata has been recently nominated as the best food street hub by “Taste Of Travel” reported by Times Of India. The survey was conducted among the Indian travellers. Here are the list of mouth watering variety of snacks in Kolkata.

I must say, food is a quintessential part of Bengali culture. While hoping on the streets of Kolkata, I could find plenty of options for snacks that will make you smack your lips.

Each of the variety will give your taste buds a new flavor. They all are spicy, high calorie items. So while I was trying them out, I was telling myself “Be in limit” but difficult to resist temptation. You will find crazy rush in these stalls in the late evenings specifically in the weekends.

  • Phuchka

Aloo Puchka is something that any person in Kolkata die for. Usually served with tangy flavored water, once you put in the mouth, it automatically melts in mouth. Along with Phuchkas, you can also try for churmur which is a mixture of aloo & crushed phuchkas.

  • Telebhaja

Telebhaja is deep fried snacks prevalent in Kolkata. It’s a complete delight for both vegetarians & non-vegetarians. For vegetarians – brinjal bhajji (begunbhaja), aloo chop (alurchop) & dal bhajji (dalbora) are the best options to try for. In non-veg category; there are lip-smacking options; fish fry, chicken or mutton chop are must try.

  • Kathi Rolls

If you want the real taste of Kolkata Kathi Roll, then Nizams & Badshah are the places where you should go for. Based on your taste buds, the cook can customize the rolls from medium to very spicy tasty ones.

  • Luchi

I am sure Luchi is something which is never heard of before in other places. Luchi is very similar to Puri but made of maida. Luchi goes best with spicy Aloo dum or Mutton gravy (Kasha Mangsho) or White Muttor curry (Ghughni)

  • Mughlai Paratha

Mughlai paratha is one of the famous delightful snacks. The delicious parathas are stuffed with onions & egg  or else, stuffing of minced chicken is also available. Along with Mughlai paratha, dry aloo curry is served as side dish.

  • Sweets

I am very sure without telling that Kolkata is famous for sweets. Starting from Roshogolla; Mishti doi,Sandesh,Rashomalai,Rajbhog – all are yummy delights, difficult to understand which one among those tastes best. There are some famous branded sweet shops, to name a few- Balaram Mullick, Radharam Mullick, K.C.Das,Girish Chandra Dey & Nakur Chandra Dey.

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