Music for Solo Traveler

Few years back the number of women solo travelers was very less. But in the recent times, the search in google for solo travelling has increased. Solo travelling lets you to find out your own inner self, gives wings to your thoughts by exploring the outer world & the most important of all is getting freedom to enjoy in your own way forgetting the regular mundane life.

For Solo traveler, Music can act as a people’s heartbeat & partner. Whether you are travelling on a highway or walking in the drizzles of rain or not getting sleep at night or in party mood; listening to music can help to fill the gap. You can easily take your mood to whichever state of mind you want to be in.

Sharing with you a few selected songs.

  • Ray Of Light-Madonna
  • Just One Lifetime – Sting & Shaggy
  • Bailando – Enrique Iglesias
  • Yambu – Santana
  • Learning To Fly – Pink Floyd

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