Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

Women are the God’s most wonderful creation in the universe. The whole cycle of birth is prevalent because of women. So request to all ladies from my end , please do care about your own & don’t let yourself feel down. In whichever way life may treat you, fight for your own right & freedom.

Let the inner light shine

Which lit up thousands of lives

Let us truly understand

Who we are meant to be

Let us be the fire

Who can strengthen others

Let us be that glowing star

That shines like crazy diamond

Lot of women are afraid to travel alone thinking of their safety. Don’t let your fear steal away this wonderful experience in your life. Whether you are single or married or divorced, try the option of exploring alone following the given safety measures.

  • Research on the Hotel where you plan to stay in terms of safety, security & staff friendliness. Try to choose hotels on the crowded street & easily accessible places. Before the visit, try to get feedback from your friends, relatives or colleagues.
  • Ensure you carry Swiss knife & pepper spray for security while travelling & keep them handy.
  • Valuable things that you carry should be always kept in locked areas like cupboard or in locker. Whether it’s money or any other stuffs like Tablet, Kindles or e-readers, DSLR camera, laptop; always stay careful when you are carrying while travel.
  • Don’t forget to carry medicine & first aid kit. Also, do carry medicines for immediate pain relief.
  • Try not to disclose to others that you are alone. And most importantly, don’t trust anyone.
  • Ladies, the day, you plan to drink alcohol, please drink at slower pace. Always take drinks directly from bartender & don’t depend on any outsiders.
  • Inform at home or your close friends about your travel itinerary.
  • Dress up based on where you are. While roaming around, try to wear casual. Only when you are sure of safety of the place, dress up the way you want.

Please listen to my song “The Rise” & wish all women Happy International Women’s Day! We all are perfect in our own imperfections. Just need to shine your own light within. Be Happy, Keep Smiling 🙂

Also, Listen To My Song The Rise


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