Visit To Ashram During Mahashivaratri

I happen to visit Sadguru Ashram on the eve of Mahashivaratri. Ashram is located in the outskirts of Coimbatore. Situated in the midst of the forest at the foothill of Velliangiri; the serene, quiet place automatically transforms your mind & make you feel calm from inside.

My cottage was in the midst of a flowery garden. The space is surrounded by a chain of mountains. There are pollution free transport available for everyone to take a tour of the entire campus. It is recommended to book in advance for the accommodation.

Mahashivaratri festival is celebrated on the new moon day to venerate Lord Shiva. Shiva is regarded as the consciousness of this whole universe. It is considered that if someone keeps the spine erect on the day of Shivaratri, soul gets uplifted. To purify ones mind, body & soul, people fast for the whole day. Based on Chaturdashi Tithi, devotees offer milk, honey, ghee,gangajal,akdae flower,jasmine leaves & daturas to Lord Shiva.

I could feel the essence of the prayer when Sadhguru himself explained the meaning of the Mantra “Namahshivaya”
Na-Earth | Ma-Water | Shi-Fire | Va-Air | Ya-Space

The five elements of the word “Namahshivaya” have composed the whole universe.

The magnificent idol of Adiyogi (Shiva himself), located on the other side of the campus, is approximately 25-30 feet in height & breadth. Standing facing the epitome of consciousness makes me feel that everyone in the world is a very small part of the cosmos. But we are so much engrossed on our own that we sometimes overlook the small little masterpieces in our everyday world.

The Breathtaking view of Lord Shiva at night gives an amalgamation effect with the pitch dark mystic sky!

There is temple of Lord Shiva just in front of the sculpture where the deity is being worshiped in traditional manner following the rituals.

While I was returning after the divine experience, my mind was tranquil & composed. It was a rejuvenating experience for me to stay away from the clutter of our daily monotonous life.

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