Sweet Reminiscence Of Kolkata

It was one of those days when I got the opportunity to chill out at my hometown in Kolkata with my parents. In the mid of the scorching summer, as such there was no getaway option that I could imagine of in the city. But had a strong urge to experience one of the finest cuisines in a luxury hotel. In general, I’m a moody person and if I would have thought of something, hook or by crook , I will find a way to satisfy my desire. Situated in the heart of the city of Kolkata, J W Marriott is one of the best choices that I could ever think of.

Usually I’m not a kind of person who loves to wear saree because to me, draping and managing saree is one of the humongous and tiresome task!
I’m sure people who are non-supporter of saree will be able to relate to my problem. I prefer to watch and appreciate people in saree but not try on me. But that day I was in saree mood, may be I wanted to be in traditional attire!

The Flower Show @ Lounge

Undoubtedly, J W Marriott is a gracious combination of Vintage Asia and modern luxuries.The decor is characterized by clean lines with discreet touches of luxury. The dazzling golden wall and the picturesque glasses give a grand decor to the interior. The night view of Marriott glows along with the splendid fountain at the entrance. Something just grabbed my eyes at one end of the large lounge area. Welcoming all the guests, there lies an ornamentation of lovely purple colored lavender, chrysanthemum and roses! Before I barge in on food, my mind was half satiated with the ambiance.

The menu teases wide range of global flavors. Thai & Chinese cuisines have been predominant in the spread with a touch of local ingredients as well. There was a separate section for Bengali style food which included curry of khus khus popularly called as Posto. For a twist in gastronomy, there was an item of Bhetki fillet mixed with Chinese garlic soy sauce. Some of the bespoke items are even customized to our palate by the chefs. And last but not the least, there was this decorative assortment of desserts which was lovely. For a chocoholic person like me, it was a paradise!

At the end of the day, I was really glad that my parents also equally enjoyed the meal and had a great time out there. The stylish interiors, fine flavors, courteous staffs ensured to take away some precious moments with my family that I would cherish forever.

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