Sometimes it’s a Bliss to Be In Quarantine Mode ;)

I know it’s a very unique situation that we all are facing today. We are bound to exercise social distancing as a precautionary measure & stay safe at home. Definitely, I do have to hold back my itchy feet for time being & I do feel sad about it. But in this quarantine period, you can spend some quality time with yourself. According to me, this is the ideal time when you can dedicate yourself in nurturing other passions that you are interested in.

Here are a list of few things that I would really enjoy doing

Explore Musical World

Music & dance will definitely be my first choice to experiment with when I have free me-time. I am born in a musical family where both my parents have strong influence on me as far as music is concerned. Dance was very natural to me at a very tender age & that’s why my mom thought to put me for Kathak.

In whatever mood I may be in, music & dance have always been my best old buddies. I tend to listen to good music of varied genres & dig on new songs of new artists to sharpen my ears. Music accompanied by electric guitar, percussion instrument, piano, drum always drives me crazy. Apart from that, I do prefer listening to songs of other languages or live dance performances as well.

Good Reads

You can devote time reading books that you have yearned to finish long back. Due to dearth of time may be, we all have kept those unfinished books aside. As right now, we all are locked up in isolation at home, to get a feel of travelling, you can read adventure travel stories, books on astronomy & recent articles in travel magazines.

My dreamland has always been Africa. Because Africa has lot of similarities with India in terms of diversity of culture as well as landscape. Whether you think of good music or dance or safari; Africa comes first. So, I am planning to read some travel stories of Africa to boost my wanderlust.

Nurture Hidden-Chef Within You

I know people like me who love exploring outside food will face major disappointment at this time. But not to worry because here’s an opportunity for you to nurture the hidden chef within yourself.

I like cooking new cuisines in my kitchen. Sometimes it comes out well; sometimes it’s utter disaster but still I love trying out something different. Currently, this is the only way to satiate your taste buds & feel complacent. By the way, I have kept stock of dark chocolate & snacks as a break.

Roaming In The Rooftop

From the childhood, it’s been one of my favorite activity. In the morning, you can roam around in the rooftop in sunlight & get soaked with Vitamin-D. Whereas at night, you can listen to nice music & gaze at the starry night. It will be a kind of brisk walk in the morning & evening to keep you energetic throughout the day breaking the monotony.

Binge Watching

Indulge in watching movies, live performances, travel documentaries, or series in netflix & amazon prime. Don’t forget to keep popcorn aside to get a feel in movie theater.

Unfinished Assignment

You can dedicate towards the assignments that interests you. I like painting & it’s another way of expressing myself. I am also interested in learning to play musical instrument like piano or pick up a form of dance or learning a foreign language. I wish I have more time to invest in all those while I was young or someone would have guided me.

Anyway, it depends entirely on what you are passionate about & how you wish to spend your time. But, most importantly ensure that you avoid going out, postpone the travel plans, augment your immune system, maintain sanitation & stay safe.

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