How the travel will be post pandemic?

Life is all about coping up with adversities & these adversities propel us to bring in change for better adaptability. And this is the way how all living entities evolve constantly. In earlier generation, we have seen how deadly viral diseases like Ebola, Tuberculosis, Plague, Cholera, Zica had been major causes of human & animal morbidity leading to significant healthcare expenditure & today, we are facing COVID-19. But one factor that has not been considered here is that this time the spread of Corona has affected worldwide as the frequency of travel to other parts of globe has increased to manifold.

Now the question lies how to tackle the situation this time?

It’s been quite messy right now & there are uncertainties that we are absolutely unsure of in which way it will lead us to. Current situation has upended global travel. Airlines, travel industry & tourism have been facing major challenges. Our head starts ringing asking so many questions like How shall we ensure to stay safe while travel? How long this situation will continue? There are certain turning points amidst this chaos that will shape tourism in a distinct way & new health safety protocols and systems will come into picture.

Contactless Travel Through Digitization

Automation is needed across the industry to implement contactless travel. Moreover, technology for touchless document scanning & recognizing voice commands need to be in place. To minimize transmission, adherence of new mandates such as temperature checks, wearing of mask, hand sanitizing, prevention to avoid crowding have to be taken into consideration. Efforts to develop health protocols using digital technology by using personal data such as age, underlying health conditions & travel history are still in nascent stage but I am sure gradually these processes will be implemented.

Local Travel- The New Flavor Of Season

Fear psychology will factor in till the Corona cases subsides or any vaccine for corona virus is in place. But at the same time people will opt for short break for rejuvenation. Majorly, people will look out for options that are closer to their home so that they can rush back from the destination in case of any emergency. Short gateways will be the new trend of travel. Family & youngsters are likely to opt for more of drive-outs in the near-city level, especially on long weekends & for short vacations.

Transition in Tourism

Consumers will choose holiday based on the hygiene standards & maintaining social distancing norm will be the new normal. Travel agencies, restaurants, hotels need to maintain cleanliness, sanitisation & disinfection to attract customers. There is a possibility that the expense of travel might take an upward trend as considerable amount of investment is necessary considering hygiene has been the prerequisite while travel.

Responsible Tourism Restoration

At this juncture, the building blocks of responsible tourism will be based on environmental integrity and economic development. It is very much required to minimize the usage of non-renewable energy & seek out businesses that are environment friendly to protect our Mother Nature. In order to achieve goals for responsible tourism; government, product owners & operators, transport operators, community services, NGOs, tourists, local communities, industry associations need to come together fostering adoption of responsible tourism.

Road-trip Adventure

For rejuvenation, people will look more for long drive travelling where rented vehicles are not required. Also, there will be a major paradigm shift while choosing accommodations as travelers will prefer to stay in secluded places. Bird watching & wondering in national parks definitely seems to be the best option to venture in post pandemic. Exploring rural areas to inhale fresh air with an open sky can also be an option to break the monotony.

Flexible Travel Package

Travel packages will mostly likely involve booking by travel advisor along with travel insurance going forward. Travel preferences in domestic destinations with a stay in private rental properties will see an upsurge & accordingly holiday plans have to come up with flexible options.

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